Tampa Bay Estuary Program
Technical Advisory Committee
1:30PM – 4:30 PM
Tuesday, July 30th, 2013
Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council

Welcome and Introductions

Kelli Hammer-Levy, TAC Co-Chair Tim MacDonald, TAC Co-Chair
Ed Sherwood, TBEP

1) Freshwater Wetland Change Analysis and Development of Freshwater Wetland Restoration and Protection Targets (Thomas Ries, Scheda; Lindsay Cross, TBEP)

(Compensatory Mitigation Project)

Recommended Action: Approve freshwater wetlands restoration and protection targets as developed by the compensatory mitigation project team

2) Update on the Development of the OTB Integrated Model (Dr. Tony Janicki, Jan. Env.)

3) Update on TBEP Related Research & Monitoring Projects Ed Sherwood, TBEP

4) Tampa Bay Critical Coastal Habitat Assessment: Draft Monitoring Plan (Lindsay Cross, TBEP; Ed Sherwood, TBEP)

(Tampa Bay Habitat Restoration and Protection Partnership)

Recommended Action: Provide feedback on draft monitoring plan

5) Feather Sound Restoration: Salinity Barrier Removal, Exotics Removal & Ditch Blocking (Ed Sherwood, TBEP)


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