Tampa Bay Estuary Program
Technical Advisory Committee
9:00PM – 12:00 PM
Wednesday, March 26th, 2014
Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council

Welcome and Introductions

Kelli Hammer-Levy, TAC Co-Chair
Tim MacDonald, TAC Co-Chair
Ed Sherwood, TBEP

1) Tampa Bay Benthic & Sediment Quality Update (Dr. Dave Karlen, EPCHC)

2) McKay Bay Sediment Bioaccumulation Study Update (Dr. Gerold Morrison, AMEC, Inc.; Ed Sherwood, TBEP) 

Final Report: http://www.tbeptech.org/TBEP_TECH_PUBS/2014/TBEP_03_14_Final_Report_Determining_Biotic_Effects_Sediment_Contaminants_02272014.pdf

3) Tampa Bay Residential Stormwater Quality Evaluation: Preliminary Results (Dr. Claudia Listopad, Applied Ecology Inc.)

4) Update on the Development of the Old Tampa Bay Integrated Model (Dr. Tony Janicki, Janicki Environmental Inc.)

5) Update on the SW Florida Tidal Creek NNC Development Project (Mike Wessel, Janicki Environmental Inc.)

6) Initiatives to Address Habitat Resiliency to Climate Change (Lindsay Cross, TBEP)

7) Other TBEP Project & Priority Issues Updates (Ed Sherwood, TBEP)

TBEP Priority Issue/Research Updates Document Attached

8) TAC Discussion on Priority Issues/Research All TAC Members