August 10, 2017
9:00 AM

Tom Ash, ABM Natural Resources/Environmental Impact Review Committee Chair
Kelli Hammer-Levy, TAC Co-Chair
Tim MacDonald, TAC Co Chair

  3. ABM Natural Resources/Environmental Impact Review Committee Items
    1. Proposed City of Tampa Comprehensive Plan Amendment - Rocky Point Fill Project- David Dickey. A private developer has proposed to partially fill a water lot basin on Rocky Point in Tampa and develop a condominium project. The applicant proposes to capture currently untreated stormwater in the area and direct it to an underground storage area. More details.
    2. Weedon Island Habitat Restoration Feasibility Study- Bruce Hasbrouck, Faller, Davis & Associates, Inc. Pinellas County is embarking on a feasibility study to identify future restoration opportunities within Weedon Island Preserve. They are in the beginning phase of the effort and want to solicit the group to ensure previously completed studies are incorporated.
  4. TBEP TAC Items
    1. Improving Compensatory Mitigation in the Tampa Bay Watershed - Aaron Brown, University of South Florida. The presentation will highlight freshwater wetland mitigation recommendations that were formulated as part of an EPA Region 4 Wetlands Program Development Grant conducted jointly by the USF and EPCHC. More details.
    2. Pyrodinium bahamense Blooms in OTB - Cary Lopez, FWC. Outcomes of recently completed TBERF project to characterize the seeding potential of Pyrodinium bahamense cyst beds in sediments of Tampa Bay and the role of resting cyst germination in the timing of blooms each year. More details.
    3. Ft. DeSoto Seagrass Prop Scarring Update- Kelli Levy, Pinellas County. A recent investigation into the levels of seagrass scarring due to boat propellers in Ft. De Soto will be presented.
  5. Other Items
    1. Tampa Bay Habitat Master Plan Update Kick Off – Doug Robison/Ed Sherwood
    2. Future Topics:
      • Emerging Contaminants in Reclaimed Water - Mary Lusk (UF)
      • Outcomes of the Critical Coastal Habitat Assessment Baseline Monitoring Events - Renee Price/David Loy (Atkins), Ryan Moyer/Kara Radabaugh (FWCC)

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