Below are links to the Old Tampa Bay Integrated Model Project's deliverables. This page will be constantly updated throughout the course of the project and as deliverables are developed by the Project Team. Please contact Ed Sherwood (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), if you have any questions regarding the project's status and deliverables produced thus far.


Old Tampa Bay Integrated Model Contractor Scope of Work & Detailed Description of Deliverables


Task 1 Description and Deliverable: Assist TBEP and the DISTRICT in review and selection of preliminary management action scenarios that are directed at improving the Old Tampa Bay ecosystem.


Task 2 Description and Deliverables: Assemble and review available, relevant data and models and describe adequacy for development of the integrated model system that will address the management actions and modeling scenarios developed in Task 1.


Task 3 Description and Deliverable: Develop an Integrated Modeling Plan and an EPA QAPP.


Task 4 Description and Deliverables: Develop, calibrate and validate an integrated model system for Old Tampa Bay that will be able to determine the net ecological benefits associated with the implementation of the management actions and modeling scenarios identified in TASK 1.


Task 5 Description and Deliverables: Develop additional model outputs and summarize the net ecological response of Old Tampa Bay after implementation of management actions/modeling scenarios developed under TASK 1. The fully integrated, calibrated and validated model(s) will be used to determine net beneficial ecological changes in Old Tampa Bay as a result of implementing management actions/scenarios selected under TASK 1.

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